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We provide outdoor recreation to Ottawa's youth, who would not otherwise have the opportunity.

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A Registered Canadian Charity Serving Ottawa's Undeserved Youth

The reality is that youth involved within their community are more likely to feel a sense of purpose and belonging, engage in positive behaviours, have higher self-esteem, and be more resilient in the face of challenges.

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Trips for Kids Ottawa Approach

Trips for Kids Ottawa (TFKO) provides a variety of outdoor recreational activities to underserved youth. Thanks to the generous support of multiple grants from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, TFKO purchased a large fleet of bikes and helmets and acquired and retrofitted four shipping containers for equipment storage at schools in the Ottawa area. These containers now serve as our programs' primary storage and operational hubs, enabling us to maintain and run our initiatives to benefit the community.

A Canadian Tire's Jumpstart program grant in 2021 allowed us to start a winter skating program by purchasing new skates, helmets, and gloves. The results were striking; returning participants from our spring and fall bike programs and a wave of new faces joined, expanding our reach beyond our bike program. 

In 2023, Jumpstart's continued support enabled us to expand further by purchasing additional equipment,
doubling the number of aspiring skaters we could accommodate. 

To eliminate barriers to participation, we will provide all necessary equipment, nutritious snacks prepared
by our local volunteers, transportation (bus tickets), and behavioural support. This ensures that everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, language barriers, gender identity, or skill level, can participate in a fun and safe environment.

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Gallery of Recent Events

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Rohan's story

Rohan initially hesitated to join, unfamiliar with mountain biking and fearing he couldn't keep pace. Yet, amidst a supportive community of peers and mentors, he flourished. Embracing the program, he gained confidence, eventually assuming leadership roles. Through Trips for Kids Ottawa, Rohan discovered a lifelong passion for outdoor sports, leading him to excel in karate and academia, earning a honours BSc in Translational and Molecular Medicine while playing rugby at the University of Ottawa. Reflecting on his journey, Rohan credits Trips for Kids for nurturing his skills and confidence, urging all kids to participate for similar life-changing experiences.

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Through the seasons, TFKO delivers engaging recreational activities and opportunities for
underserved youth: building purpose, belonging, and resilience.

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Snowshoeing Adventures

Our snowshoeing and hiking trips provide an opportunity for kids to explore with experienced guides leading the way.

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Biking Is Our Roots

Biking is our charity's primary activity throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons. It offers exhilarating experiences along our picturesque local trails.

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Learning to Skate

Skating has become our latest passion. It fosters the joy of gliding on ice and nurtures strong bonds between the participants, making the most of the winter season. 

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