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Transforming Lives: Bringing Outdoor Recreation to Ottawa's Underserved Youth One Donation at a Time.

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Ways to Support
Trips for Kids Ottawa.

Your support is not just a donation; it's an investment in the future of Ottawa's youth. Whether you make a one-time contribution or join our monthly giving program, your generosity directly enriches the lives of youth in our community. Please consider supporting underserved youth by offering them the necessary equipment, meals, training, and assistance they need to thrive.

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Empowering Outdoor Recreational Activities

What Your Donation Supports


Our vests aren't just fabric but canvases for connection and community. Adorned with our logo, they serve as badges of honour when we carry out our mission. Over a dozen dedicated adult volunteers wear these vests each week, signalling to our participants that they are in the hands of trusted leaders.



Our team is essential to our program, and we are grateful for our volunteers' dedication and hard work. Since our inception in 2007, we have been fortunate to have a growing base of volunteers who contribute weekly to all aspects of the program. As our needs have grown, we have expanded our operation to include a full-time program manager to supervise and ensure we are ready for every outing. Your support helps us invest in our team, provide training, and ensure we have the budget and resources required for every child we serve to receive the guidance and support needed to thrive.


Equipment and Repairs

Our organization understands the importance of providing our youth with the best equipment to excel in their activities, so we supply quality bikes and skates. Safety is paramount, so we provide helmets and gloves for both activities. Additionally, we maintain our equipment to ensure it is always in top condition so that our participants can focus on the activity. We are committed to excellence and safety and never take shortcuts regarding participants' safety


Training and Insurance

The safety of our kids comes first. We prioritize ongoing training and certifications to ensure our team has the latest expertise.
Our comprehensive insurance coverage backs us every step of the way, providing peace of mind for our volunteers, participants, and their families. With safety as our top priority, we are dedicated to providing a secure environment where kids can learn, grow, and thrive.

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Nourishing Snacks

We prioritize meeting the basic needs of our participants, many of whom come from homes affected by hunger. Before every activity, we serve homemade, litter-free snacks prepared by community volunteers. Our ride leaders often come straight from school or work and are invited to enjoy the meals. This simple act of sharing food fosters a strong sense of community, bringing volunteers and participants together.

Our programs are free of charge and are designed to enrich the lives of our community's most vulnerable youth. We provide all the necessary equipment, safety gear, training, and supervision to ensure our participants' safety and well-being. Your support enables us to continue this work.

Services Free of Charge

These are a few of the costs and expenses we face as we deliver our programs.  We thank you for your support!

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